Caribbean Americas Soccer Association (CASA) continues to develop and grow with major emphasis on our adult soccer program. Continuing with our growth for 2016, the focus will shift towards the development of our youth soccer program. This program comprises of young men ages 16-23 years old and seeks to develop and showcase high school seniors and college players for future pro- careers in the United States (US) and oversees. We will execute against our strategy of attracting high school seniors for scholarship opportunities both inside and outside of the United States. This vision and strategy will play a major role in strengthening their present skill level and overall game while exposing them to coaches throughout the US and overseas.

We see sports as an agent to develop youths into leaders and at the same achieving a higher level of education. Caribbean Americas Soccer Association (CASA) believes wholeheartedly in combining and promoting the benefit of soccer and education. The youth program will continue to be our number one priority as we seek to achieve these goals.

In takes an army to achieve these goals and volunteering is the key to this success – players and coaches continue to assist with the youth programs in various communities throughout South Florida. We applaud their efforts and will continue to support the promotion and development of such programs. We recognize the need for more work and are determined to face those challenges.

While we feel a sense of pride in our achievements we must recognize that there is still a lot more work to be done and obstacles to overcome. CASA will continue to play a positive role in surmounting such challenges by providing a vital bridge between this rich and diverse culture that presents itself throughout South Florida. One of the biggest obstacle for 2016 will be surpassing the tremendous success we have enjoyed throughout the many years. Our enthusiastic volunteers, members, sponsors and partners are determined and committed to help undertake and overcome these challenges. The main focus and emphasis will be raising the level of sports, improve the education of players, coaches and referees.

Our collective experiences, talents, financial resource and common destiny will allow us to continue the tireless march to achieve our goals and objectives. On behalf of all members of CASA, thanks to the players, spectators, teams, referees, coaches and sponsors for your continued help and support. Special thanks to all members of the executive and board of directors, volunteers of CASA for their time, financial support, family sacrifice, and their extended work days and weeks. You have been tireless and relentless in all you do and it’s paying huge dividends. I’m honored to be a part of such a great team and it is a pleasure working with such a dedicated group of volunteers and I look forward to your continued support for this worthy cause.