The Masters League event is a partnership between CASA and the City of Lauderhill designed to provide recreational activities for adults and parents. This tournament is comprised of male adult players over forty. This six-month-long event is in a tournament format and provides teams with competitive games while giving them an opportunity to impress the Coaches/Scouts.


Click here to download the registration roster template:
Team Casa Player Registration Spreadsheet


Master League – Registration Fee *

    • Registration $600 (Please make check payable to CASA)
    • Initial Deposit $200 by 11/15/23
    • 2nd Payment $200 by 11/3o/2023
    • 3rd Payment $100 by 12/14/2023
  • Final Payment $100 by 1/31/2024
  • Player Pass Fee $35

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Master League Team Roster

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