Who We Are

C.A.S.A. is a non- profit organization based in Lauderhill, Florida, and its primary mission is to link South Florida’s soccer to the rest of the world by developing all aspects of the sport, including children’s talent, and exposing the community to the highest level of the game. C.A.S.A. launched its soccer and scouting program as an outreach to youths, coaches/scouts and families with a view of teaching children life-long values of sportsmanship, provide exciting competition, and at the same time exposing and affording boys the ability to showcase their skills and talents. Once the event concludes, the youths are given a chance to participate in a rich cultural exchange.

CASA understands the passion for soccer that burns deep within all true enthusiasts of our community, of the Caribbean and of Latin America. It is more than a beautiful game; it is a way of life. We have great respect for the power of this sport, and marvel at its ability to bring together people of diverse ethnic, cultural and religious background and untie them around the roll and bounce of the ball. Today, soccer is getting more and more exposure in the United States, where the league is now attracting some of the biggest names with international recognition and unquestionable professional experience, most notably David Beckham of the Los Angeles Galaxy.

CASA seeks to strategically position itself as a conduit to the unveiling of the extraordinary talent hidden and going unnoticed in our community and abroad. Mindful of the meteoric rise in the interest of the sport in the United States, CASA believes it is the prime organizer in the city of Lauderhill, Broward County, and the entire state of Florida in talent recruitment. This event is designed to introduce local youths with excellent academic and soccer skills from Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach counties, as well as those from the Caribbean and Latin America to the US Collegiate fraternity. In response, providing access to scholarships to the most deserving and promising group of youths.

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